Architect and dancer

Graduate in Architecture from the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM).

Since 2014 she runs the architecture and design office CiOestudio ( in collaboration with the architect Javier Pérez Contonente. She develops her professional career as a designer and creator from a multidisciplinary perspective, with projects in the fields of architecture, scenography, interior design of spaces, objects, and scenic creation in relation to dance.


She trained in architecture, dance and music in Oviedo, Madrid and Barcelona.

She studied piano and guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Eduardo Martínez Torner” in Oviedo, and in Madrid she studied architecture, which she combined with her training in contemporary dance under the guidance of the choreographer and dancer Elena Córdoba.

During her studies at the ETSAM she received the Emilio Larrodera Prize for Urbanism and was awarded a scholarship in the Department of Urbanism at the ETSAM where she carried out her internship under the guidance of Professor Julio Pozueta. In 2006 she finished her studies and moved to Barcelona where she developed her professional career.


Since 2008 she has worked closely with the director, choreographer and dancer Constanza Brnčić on numerous projects, including: Oi Néoi (2019) Co-production Festival Grec 2019, What is the Word (2014/17) Festival Grec 2017, the children’s concert Planeta Clarinete Auditorium of Barcelona (2016), Moving objects (2016), L’Exercici de la força (2012/14) co-production Ateneu de Nou Barris, Que travessa _ la luz está redoblada por la noche (Barcelona-Argentina 2011) and Dona embarassada amb full en blanc (Barcelona, 2010).


Camper, Bershka, Aw Lab, Nike and Hurley, among others.

Within the work developed from CiOestudio, the design of ceramic objects for their production through 3D printing in collaboration with the “open source” platform JetClay, and the design of furniture within the field of digital manufacturing and its production through Cad Cam, acquire an important relevance due to its experimental and innovative character.


Her experience as a dancer and her creative and teaching work in this field have played a fundamental role in her career. In 2008 she presented the stage piece La ciudad sin cuerpos (Barcelona 2008) which she directed and performed at the Festival “In-diferente” together with the improvising musician Julio Camarena. Between 2009 and 2015 he gave research and creation workshops on the theme “Dancing this body” at the Barceloneta Civic Centre, La Bòbila Cultural Centre and San Pedro Apóstol Centre in Barcelona. From these processes emerged the stage pieces: Cero (2009), Paisajes de invierno (2010) and Las danzas de la realidad presented at the festival Por Amor a l’ Hart in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (2015).


He is currently co-directing the audiovisual project Living Rodas with the director of photography Manuel Toro and the architect Javier Pérez Contonente where he reflects, from one of his architectural designs (Casa Rodas, Madrid 2020) on housing as a flexible, adaptable and progressive environment from a poetic-domestic point of view.