Born in Torres Vedras, Portugal, in 1960. Trained as an architect and self-taught musician, he stood out in Portuguese pop music, especially as the leader of the “Mler ife Dada”, a legendary group of the 80s in Portugal.

He created music for films, theatre, choreographies, etc. In the field of dance, he has created music for choreographies by Vera Mantero, Mark Tompkins, Paulo Ribeiro, Aldara Bizarro, Joao Fiadeiro, Constanza Brncic and Malpelo, among others. In the field of theatre, for plays directed by José Wallenstein, Antonio Feio, Paulo Filipe Monteiro, etc. In the cinema, for films by Edgar Pera, José Nascimento, Jorge António, Jorge Paixão Costa, etc.

He was the author of the anthem for the Lisbon Universal Exhibition “Expo 98” (for symphonic orchestra and traditional instruments from the 5 continents), of the music for “Oceans and Utopias” (a show by Philippe Genty seen by 4 million spectators during Expo 98) and of the music for the fireworks at the opening of “Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture”. He also composed the advertising single for “Lisbon 94 European Capital of Culture”, winner of the award for “best Portuguese advertising music 1994”. In 2010 he was the winner of the international composition competition “Thanatopolis” of the Y-Park, Connecticut, in the category “tone-sequence”.

He focuses much of his attention on the guitar, developing a personal language through continuous research and experimentation, confirming himself among the most innovative Portuguese guitarists and receiving well-deserved international recognition. Asserting himself since the 1990s in the musical territories of free improvisation, he has played with musicians such as Agustí Fernandez, Agustí Martinez, Albert Cirera, Alexander Frangenheim, Anna Subirana, Bart Maris, Damo Suzuki, DjOlive, Don Malfon, El Pricto, Eric M, Gianni Gebbia, Graham Haynes, Hilmar Jensson, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Jean-Marc Montera, Joan Saura, John Bisset, Kato Hideki, LeQuan Ninh, Liba Vilavecchia, Massimo Zu, Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Paolo Angeli, Quicu Samsó, Peter Kowald, Ramon Prat, Rodelius, Sebi Tramontana, Shelley Hirsch, Tom Chant, Victor Nubla, Xavier Maristany, etc., as well as with most Portuguese improvisers, including Carlos Zingaro, Marco Franco, Carlos Bica, Carlos Bechegas, Carlos Bechegas, Telectu, Ernesto Rodrigues, Rodrigo Amado, etc. He participated in improvisation ensembles directed by Evan Parker, Peter Kowald, John Zorn and Fred Frith.

In dance improvisation he performed in several European countries with dancers like Mark Tompkins, Vera Mantero, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Constanza Brncic, Sonia Sanchez, Frans Poelstra, Boris Charmatz, João Fiadeiro, María Muñoz, Pep Ramis, Andrés Corchero, Mathilde Monier, etc. He participated in “Tuning Scores” by Lisa Nelson (Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2003 / Brighton 2011 / Celrá 2012) and in the site-specific project “Chantier”, by Mark Tompkins, which took place in Paris between 2001-04, during the renovation of the Théatre de la Cité Internationale, presenting improvisation shows every 3 months on the site and culminating in the inauguration of the new theatre. He is currently a member of the dance/music improvisation duo “Si se diera un cuerpo a la bullicio”, with Constanza Brnčić.

Nuno Rebelo also creates sound sculptures. His works in this field have been presented in Montemor-o-novo, Lisbon, Madeira Island (Portugal), Tromso (Norway) and at the IPark Environmental Art Biennial in Connecticut, O.S.A, in 2011. In 2013 he was invited to be a member of the jury for the selection of candidate projects for this Biennial.

He has taught workshops on experimental techniques for electric guitar in several Portuguese cities, improvisation workshops (in Portugal, Cabo Verde and Mozambique), sound sculpture workshops (Montemor-o-novo, Portugal, 2009, 2012, 2018). With Mark Tompkins, they teach the workshop “Audible movement, visible sound” on the performative contamination between dance and music (Strasbourg, Lisbon, Bucharest, Lubljana, Vienna, Toulouse, Mulhouse, Montemor-o-novo). At the invitation of the choreographer Emmanuelle Huyhn, he taught a workshop in Paris on performance with movement and microphone feedback.

After more than 10 years without releasing any albums, in 2013 he released his first CD of guitar solos: “Removed from the flow of time”.

Since 2015 he collaborates as a musician with the project Pi(È)CE in Barcelona.